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How can Dara help me or my organisation?

Developing potential and building capability are at the core of Dara's expertise.


He combines specialist knowledge in learning & organisational development with commercial and strategic awareness from his earlier career in corporate finance.

Dara works internationally across all sectors on bespoke projects, development programmes and one-to-one coaching. The pace of change in many aspects of life and work is unprecedented. Dara has a particular focus on developing agility and resilience at both personal and organisational levels.

Individuals, ranging from graduates to senior executives, are equally comfortable with his style of engagement.



Developing Potential.

Building Capability.

What has he done in Learning & Organisational Development?

Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Dara worked as Global Head of Learning & Development at Linklaters (one of the world’s largest international law firms) and began his coaching career while at the firm.

Dara has held various advisory posts on talent management and organisational development, including as an Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow.  His advisory experience has extended across government, up to and including ministerial level.

He has undertaken learning design and delivery projects across Asia, Europe and North America and has worked with academics from top international business schools, including Harvard, on leadership and development programmes. He has also worked on skills development for those working in hostile environments, and “capability strategy” for individuals being deployed into “fragile and conflict affected” countries.

Dara has broad experience in engaging people with development opportunities and the behavioural changes that can follow at individual and organisational levels.

What has he done on commercial and strategic awareness?

Having previously worked as a corporate finance lawyer with a number of leading UK and US global law firms (including Baker & McKenzie and White & Case), Dara has gained broad exposure to various sectors. He has extensive experience in quickly grasping the strategy, dynamics and capability of different organisations.

With wide ranging knowledge of the world’s principal legal systems, Dara has a deep understanding of governance, organisational structures and complex commercial relationships. This understanding has often helped with his work in personal and organisational development. He has carried out research, analysis, diagnostic and policy work across the public and private sectors.

Is there anything else that might be of interest?

Dara is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, the Law Society of England & Wales, the City of London Law Society and a Freeman of the City of London.

After a year studying a range of counselling and psychotherapeutic techniques he is able to draw upon these as needed in his coaching work and can refer to leading specialists if appropriate.

His philanthropic work has seen him engage with various agencies of the United Nations and high profile charitable organisations / NGOs.

Capability: "the capacity or practical ability necessary to achieve your objectives."

Who has he worked with recently?

- Corporates across the technology, media, finance, construction and    transport sectors.

- Government organisations.

- Senior executives in the public and private sector.

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